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Some years have passed, and here I am revisiting my cozy cave of kakaponies. 

BUT! I just want to tell you to check this out ;) My new portfolio:
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Hey.... yeah, I am alive.

Anyway. I am making an online portfolio for my kakaponies! So right now I am designing. I'll link it when it's ready. Probably around the 25th of october.

Today I made the scene which will appear first in the movie. It was a good feeling to see it render before my eyes.
Always check you settings before you start... ALWAYS!Allot of precious time has been lost thanks to lack of pre-settings. however I'm on my way C:
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Yes, it's alive!. I will animate a short movie whit my kakaponies!!!!11!
Maybe baby, maybe... ; )
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I am currently working on some kakaponis for my aunt and perhaps I will post them here later on : )
You'll notice I guess... I have missed my dear kakaponies!^^ much because I have been so busy in school these past weeks. But thanks too school I'll learn tons of new things and that's really awesome. I'm studying graphic design and communications for those who don't know.
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I know this is a rather exclusive page for my kakaponis. but I still want to bring something new to it..
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I want to animate again! so badly, my animating-bone is weak. And my creations-to-be are smashing their tiny pencil sketched hands on the inside of my brain.
OH the agony! the expressions un-birth, they can be intense from time to time.

give me supplies
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Long time no pie, or kakaponis...

Time to start letting the smoke out of the chimney again!

Also , I have not tried this yet: commissions!

You are now very much welcome to give any fancy suggestions to what I should draw! Feelings, happenings, times.... I believe anything can be illustrated, but if the results are good... that's another question ^^!
okej, so I'm just trying it out, I will be more organised in the future. But go ahead and buy buy buy! you pies out there : D
Ah! I cry 'cus Im slacking of in productivity... But you see, I've got lots of books to read. Im going to the university in Gothenburge! Lots of fun, and lots of people to party with. :P stupid me for not bringing this info out earlier...
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harr harr harr... bla bla bla. Now that's something.

     DADA yeah
Oh, boring summerjob..
I'll go to the bank soon to deposit some money so I can refil my mobile. I want to be abel to call my dear friends [from whom I've been so brutally seperated from...:'(]

After that, I'll probably put down some idés from last night. Then maybe post some of them here, and save some for my artbook ;)

right now, I will have some lunchy punch
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  • Listening to: Kvikvi
  • Reading: Sartre
  • Watching: paint drying! xD
  • Playing: Wii [soon...]
  • Drinking: milk
I'm going to get my new Wii ; D!...soon...first I have to put on my shoes.

Anyway, I am floating along as usual. Enjoying swedish music at the moment. Working on my artbook [really, no kidding!], but with a different part of it, the letters...I'm writing nonsens all day long! 'Cus most of the writing will be spontaneous brain-farting! haha! my way of expressing myself in the now, my own instant philosophical break-throughs!

oh, maybe I exposed to much of the mistery now.. ;P
Also; I will make music-art to my friend Poudot
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  • Reading: Sartre
  • Watching: paint drying! xD
  • Playing: Wii [soon...]
  • Drinking: milk
So, I try to get by now, but I miss my friends from Eksjö, allot!
I start working on monday... selling my time to other's how ordinary is.
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there it is people. Some newly posted pieces! ;D enjoy
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I'm so sorry for the delay... But my stuff haven't arrived yet, so I have no scanner. But I am currently makeing more drawings as I write this :D so I hope to share them with you all in the nearest future ; D!
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  • Watching: the cloudy weather
Sorry I haven't posted anything for a long time now.. I am currently packing all of my stuff, 'cus I'm moving from my dear apartment here in Eksjö. And shall reinstall myself in the north once again, this time, more permanently. :' ( I am so sad, every thing I put in a box, has a memorie on it and I can only remember it...
But anyway, I have packed my scanner... sooo.... I'll have to scan my big stack of fresh drawings when I'm done moving.
You'll have to wait for it just a couple of more days :)
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